[Can Panax notoginseng cure insomnia]_ effect _ effect

[Can Panax notoginseng cure insomnia]_ effect _ effect

The Chinese medicine of Panax notoginseng is very popular in life, because the efficacy of Panax notoginseng is very good, it is easy to solve some health problems encountered by the human body, and it brings great benefits to people’s body. Among them, Panax notoginseng can be usedCome to drink water, bring about quality metabolism problems, and so on. Can Sanqi cure insomnia?

This is a stubborn problem encountered by modern people. Let ‘s take a look at it.


Eating panax notoginseng can promote sleep. Young people have insomnia. There are many things and thoughts. What about insomnia in the elderly?

Is it because of poor health?

Or is it that at a certain age, the quality of sleep is poor?

So improving sleep treatment becomes particularly important, because some people don’t sleep well, which directly affects their physical health.

Elderly friends drinking some Sanqi powder soaking water before going to bed can greatly improve their sleep quality and their own sleep depth.

Can make older friends sleep more peacefully.

For the treatment of elderly insomnia is very good.


Eating Panax notoginseng to improve sleep quality Panax notoginseng can also effectively promote blood circulation throughout the body, can effectively improve the blood supply to the brain, can achieve a calming and soothing effect, and can more effectively improve your own sleep quality.

At the same time, panax notoginseng also has analgesic effect. Many friends use this medicine to treat it because of the problem of pain.

It can also achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood. Many female friends can also take panax notoginseng powder for menstrual blood loss due to menstrual loss.

Eating Panax notoginseng can indeed achieve a very good effect in treating insomnia, but this medicine should not be taken too much.

Taking too much will actually cause great damage to one’s brain nerves and bring back-effects to oneself.

If you eat Sanqi powder regularly, you can not only improve your sleep, but also restore your brain power and allow your brain to work in a twisted manner. You can also replenish your physical strength and reduce physical fatigue.