[Handmade rice flour, do you know how to make it?

】 _How to do_Making method

[Handmade rice flour, do you know how to make it?
】 _How to do_Making method

Hand-made rice noodles have a long history and are often loved by people. Compared to machine rice noodles, they are more crispy and have different methods, but they are similar. They need to be milled, boiled, steamed, and dried.Waiting for the process, but easy to learn, friends who want to learn can try it, I believe that you can make the most authentic handmade rice noodles.

First, the basic content of hand-made rice noodles is a traditional old process, rice noodles made with the most primitive tools.

First use a stone mill to grind the aged old rice into a slurry, then steam it in a steamer, take it out and dry it to make it into noodles.

Compared with machine rice noodles, hand-made rice noodles have the following unique features: First, the flour is coarser. The resulting rice noodles have less elasticity, smoothness and more brittleness than machine rice noodles, which is just like eating fine grains.The taste of modern people; the second is that the rice noodles cut out by hand are wider than those cut out by the machine. They are sandwiched on chopsticks and appear heavier.

Moreover, in modern society where everything is scale management and flow-making, handmade things are often easier to associate with recognition and high-quality, which may be another reason to attract diners.

Second, the specific method of the first step: rice flour and water and stir well Second step: boiling water in the pot, firewood stove.

Step 3: Pour the rice flour paste into the steamer and steam it in the pot. This step must be smooth, not too thick or too thin.

Step 4: Put a table of steamed rice noodles on a bamboo rafter board and let it cool down for a while. This bamboo rafter board is made by our own hands. Natural products are obtained locally.

Step 5: Shred by hand. In this step, you need to pay attention to the oil on each piece of rice noodles before we shred.It’s soft and light with some oil, it is easy to shred, and it can be stored longer after drying.

Step 6: Put them into a ball and dry them.