[How to make churros]_how to do_how to do

[How to make churros]_how to do_how to do

Churros is one of the traditional Chinese pasta dishes. It is a long-shaped deep-fried noodle product. The combination of churros and soy milk is a common breakfast collocation. There are many ways to make churros.The storage time is also very long, and it can be stored for alternative time after preparation, which is a convenient and fast diet.

You fritters can be either salty or sweet. No matter how you eat them, they are very delicious and nutritious. Let ‘s introduce the practice of fritters.

Ingredients: 250 grams of flour, 165 grams of seasoning water, 2 grams of table salt, 3 grams of yeast powder, 1 grams of soda flour, 10 grams of salad oil, fried dough sticks.For dough) + 15g (for soda), 2g salt, 3g instant dry yeast powder, 1g baking soda, 10g cooking oil.

Several fried cooking oils.

In addition, if it is not for children, you can add 1?
2 grams of aluminum-free baking powder and flour are mixed evenly. Step 2 Put the flour (with baking powder plus baking powder together) with the yeast, put it on the chopping board, dig a small hole in the middle, add water to the amount, addOnce, knead the flour and water in the middle, and then add water until it can be kneaded into a smooth dough. Cover the container with a pot or a bowl for fermentation. Step 3 After the fermentation is two-way, put some oil on the palm.Put the air in the dough out. Step 4 Put 10 grams of cooking oil and dough together and knead. Step 5 Continue to cover the pot or pot and wait for 20 minutes. Step 6 Mix the baking soda and 15 grams of water into the soda water.Hold your fist in your right hand, cover the back with soda, and mix into the dough little by little. Step 7: Knead the dough evenly. Cover the container and ferment to a large piece. Step 8: Take out the air with the palm of your hand.Step 9: Hold the rolling pin, dip it in oil, and make the dough into a half-centimeter thick, one-finger (middle finger length, because the pot at home is too long to fit) step 10 flat bottomPour in half锅Oil over medium heat.

Stain the oil on your hands, cut the dough into two fingers, one step, one step, one step, and one step on top. Step 12 Dip some oil on the chopsticks, press down from the middle, put in the fried dough stick. Step 13 Wait until the fried dough is 70% hot.Slowly put it into the pan for frying.

After it floats up, use the chopsticks to gently flip the churros from one side to the other side for five or six seconds to continue frying. When the churros are basically set, they should be turned frequently to prevent it from being fried and not cooked.

Wait until the fritters become golden yellow and swell a lot.

Cooking skills The dough must be fermented, and the fermented dough will be fluffy before it is fluffy. The fritter ca n’t be too thin or too thin, otherwise the fritters will not form large holes even if they are fully expanded. Adding baking powder can make fritters fluffy yeast powder.When the dough grows up, we usually see a layer of flour on the fried dough sticks of the fried dough sticks. If you make it at home, you don’t need to do this at all. Just apply oil.

In this way, the fried fritters have less impurities in the oil. If you sprinkle flour, fry them in a pan. The flour on the surface of the fritters will fall into the pan more or less. When the fritters are fried, the bottom of the pan is a layer of flour.The fritters must be fully fermented at least twice and woke up once.

The last fried dough should be soft, smooth, and ductile. When making dough for some kind of bread dough, you can only use the chopsticks to gently pull it from under the sides of the dough.At the time, the fried dough sticks were not yet shaped. If you stick the fried dough sticks, the fried dough sticks could easily be pinched and shrunk, and they would not be fluffy.