April Beauty Skin Upgrade Course

April Beauty Skin Upgrade Course

You may have listened to Beethoven’s “Minor Dance in G Major”. The elegant, lively, and light music style is like a spring breeze.

In April, when the weather changes abnormally, your body should be like G major. From the beginning, upgrade your care. Only healthy skin can better resist the invasion of cool summer!

  Bathing Beauty Prelude Beauty King Da S likes bathing very much.

She said, “I love all kinds of essential oils, milk baths. Once I take a bath, I pour the whole bottle of fresh milk in the bathtub, clean, exfoliate, smooth, moisturize, and enjoy the fun of bathing.

“Indeed, in addition to being thin, bathing is good for your health.

But incorrect bathing methods will increase the burden on the skin.


Spring climate is dry, the temperature of the bath does not have to be too high, the water temperature is slightly higher than the body temperature, at 39 ℃?
40 ° C is sufficient.

Too high a temperature will destroy the skin’s natural protective oils and make the skin too dry, which is not suitable.

In addition, the water temperature is too high, and the hypertension blood vessels are excessively strained. A water temperature higher than 42 ° C is too dangerous for patients with cardiovascular disease.


Use mild, moisturizing cleaning products to avoid being too alkaline.

You don’t need to take a long bath time, mainly to achieve the effect of sweating. If you don’t have time to exercise, you can expel toxins from the body by sweating in the bath.


Promote a “half bath.”

The height of the water is below the navel, and the whole body is immersed in the water for a full body bath for the last 5 minutes.

You can add some bath oil, massage oil, or sea salt or essential oil while bathing.

  Do not take a bath when: 1.

Lack of sleep, malaise, excessive fatigue after intense exercise.

Drunk, fasting, full.


Pregnant women, menstrual period, open wounds on their bodies, and patients with cardiovascular disease.


When itching occurs, sensitive skin with rashes should also avoid taking hot baths to prevent hot water from washing away skin oils and getting worse. You can use warm water instead.

  Recommended product 1.

Herborist Soothing Bath Salt 45 Yuan / 230ml Add Geranium, Flower Plow, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Baiji Extract Oil.

It can cool and deodorize, moderately converge the pores of the whole body, make the mood peaceful and full of energy.

Especially for restless mental states.


Biotherm Biotherm Pure Spring Shower Gel 210 yuan / 200ml fresh source, creating a soft and peaceful feeling.

Make the skin like a SPA in the clear spring, fully replenish the skin’s moisture and restore the skin to its original purity.


Elizabeth Arden green tea vitality nourishing shower cream 160 yuan / 150ml massage + cleansing + nourishing, pampering the whole body in one step.

Protects the skin while providing vitality to the skin; restores the skin’s healthy glow; emulsified in water, easier to clean.

  Do your homework on “Exfoliating” Spring is easily sensitive to the weather, your skin is most prone to dullness, dryness, fine lines and other sudden conditions.

It is necessary to make the skin have a good complexion like the peach blossom in spring, relieve dryness of the body, and shape the ideal skin by rejuvenating the skin.

The first is to eliminate the aging horny body in time, so that the subsequent moisturizing treatment can be absorbed by the skin to the greatest extent.
Soak for 10 minutes while bathing, at this point the horny body has slowly softened.

Then use the relevant exfoliating products to gently rub with your hands, especially those relatively rough parts, such as elbows, knees, heels, etc. Take more time, and finally rinse with water.

Many methods use circular motions to avoid direct friction to hurt the skin.
Once a month, if you go too often, it breaks the law of the skin’s own metabolism but is not good.

You can add a few drops of olive oil or camellia oil to any of your exfoliating cream or shower cream to enhance the skin’s moisturizing effect.
  The thicker the particles, the better the exfoliating effect. There are many types of body exfoliating products on the market, such as shower gels, scrubs, body masks, etc.
Generally speaking, the thicker the massage particles contained in exfoliating products, the stronger the exfoliating effect, but this does not mean that the thicker the particles, the better. They may only be suitable for thicker horny areas such as knees and elbows.For the more sensitive parts of the neck and chest, we must choose products with less irritation.
In the personal care store, you can find special exfoliating products for the feet, knees and elbows, heels, body and other parts, which are professional and considerate.
  Recommended products: 1.
SEPHORA祛角质倍润身体乳液 129元/200ml  乳液质地清爽不黏腻,配方含有AHA果酸微粒,能在有效去除肌肤老化角质的同时,丰富滋养保湿成分,深入肌肤表层滋养肌肤,带来非凡滋润Super experience.

Fruits & Passion Jia Beishi soothing exfoliating gel (Lily Ningxiang) 298 yuan / 200ml mild and exfoliating particles, quickly penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, effectively remove the aging horny and dirt accumulated in the pores, increase skin vitality and make skin healthyperfect.

~ H2O marine scrub salt 360 yuan / 680ml When bathing, take an appropriate amount to massage the whole body, especially concentrated on dry and rough places (elbows, knees, elbows), can be used once or twice a week.
  4.Benefit Beauty Butt Scrub 290 yuan / 200ml thin and smooth in one step!
This is a magical body scrub that contains natural scrub exfoliating particles with moisturizing and antibacterial effects. The texture is refreshing and non-sticky.
  Tightening and anti-aging simultaneously Dry skin will reduce skin elasticity and firmness, which will accelerate skin aging.
In spring, the skin is adjusted from hibernation to a vigorous state. Strengthening firming and anti-aging can make the skin more perfect and younger.
  1. Take an appropriate amount of essential oil in the palm of your hand, apply it from top to bottom, and apply it from front to back. Then rub the palm with the palm of your hand where the essential oil is applied, rub it back and forth, and press until the skin is slightly warm.So far.
  2. Take one tablespoon of product in the palm of your hand, and massage it along the arm from the bottom up in a spiral manner to counter gravity. The strength is best to hold the arm lightly to ensure that the ingredients are absorbed by the skin.
  3. For legs that are often exposed and easy to ignore, in addition to the above methods, it is recommended to use the tapping method to effectively absorb.
  The ultimate version of Firming Waist to deal with the fat on the small belly is a lot of people worry about, the correct massage method and the right product to ensure that the waist is tight and no fat!
  1. Take a tablespoon of the product in the palm of your hand, then heat the product with your hands and rub it a few times. The temperature helps the ingredients to work.
  2. Lay your hands flat on the entire abdomen in a clockwise circular motion.
Keep the fingertips down for 5 minutes during the whole process.
  3. Take the same amount of product with both hands, put it on the back waist in the opposite direction, rub it 10 times horizontally, and then rub it from the back waist to the belly button 20 times.
  Recommended products: 1.
Lancome Lancome firming body lotion 680 yuan / 200ml / high concentration of active ingredients, as if the arms and waist were immediately pulled and shaped.
An efficient, fast-absorbing, fresh-looking texture.  2. Guerlain Constant Moisturizing Firming Body Lotion 960 yuan / 200ml mixed with pure amber extract firming anti-wrinkle complex, firming skin skin is stronger.

The pioneering aunt group is transformed into a compact organization.

  3.Biotherm Biotherm Body Tightening Massage Oil 480RMB / 125ml essential oil and natural seaweed essence, is a dense and firming oil that can improve skin strength, elasticity and resistance.

  Exercise to eliminate thick legs First, you need to know which leg type you belong to, and then cooperate with the following demonstration sports, as long as you persist, you will have a pair of beautiful legs!

  Muscle type: The thighs are thick and the meat in front of the thighs is very strong.

  Tattoo: When you sit down, you have an intestine with slender thighs and a drooping tail.

  Muscular stovepipe meter 1.

Sit on the ground with your legs close together, and use your fists to pat the outside of your legs gently.

Open your legs and pat your legs with your fists.

  2. Lay your hands flat on the ground, roughly balanced with the front end, and stand on strides with your front and rear legs.

Press the front end down into a bow and arrow shape. After 5 seconds, raise the main shaft and start again.

Do the front and rear leg swaps, 10 times on each side.

You can complete one side before doing the other.

Pay attention to try to straighten your hind legs.

Sit with your knees bent, with your calves as close to your thighs and hips as possible, with your hands behind you.

Lie down slowly until your body is close to the ground, with your hands flat on your side.

The movement lasts 15 to 30 seconds.

Do it once a day.

Sit on the ground with your feet crossed, with your hands in front.

Slowly press your body forward, looking down your neck and head for 15 to 30 seconds.

Swap left and right to overlap and do it again.

  Aunty stovepipe meter 1.

Keep your hands on your hips, your back and legs straight, and keep your eyes straight.

Lift your heels slowly, stand on your toes only, and repeat 10 times.

Helps increase muscles and lengthen hamstrings.

Lie on the ground like a sea lion, with your elbows flexed and flat, your head and waist at about 50 degrees with the ground.

Tie your legs with a large elastic band.

Lift your left leg, stay in the air for 1 second, then change your right foot, doing 10 times on each side.

Stand with your legs straight, waist straight, hands on hips, and look straight.

Keep your waist straight, with one of your legs stepping forward and your hind legs flexing down into an L shape.

Do 5 left and right legs each.

Lie down, put your hands flat beside you, and raise your feet together to form a large L shape with your body.

Slowly flex your left foot downwards, while lifting your left foot again, slowly flex your right foot downwards, repeating the left and right feet alternately.

  Slimming: I have lost 10 pounds and got thinner thighs by 2 cm. Recommended product 1
Herborist Complex Slimming Massage Oil 230 yuan / 100ml contains rhubarb and evening primrose essential oils, combined with olive oil, it can smooth and plump, moisturize and penetrate into the skin, soften, and enhance skin vitality.
  2. Elancyl Abdominal Tightening Essence 288 yuan / 75 ml

  3. Clarins Girdle Waist Cream 680 yuan / 200ml

White grass extract, sunflower phospholipids, derived from the combined action of palm leaves and triglycerides, ensure a rapid and long-lasting moisturizing effect, and repair the sebum film.

  4.Chanel N ° 5 Fragrance Essential Oil 855 yuan / 50ml moisturizes the skin while relaxing and soothing. The aroma massage helps reduce your aunt.