Go to bed immediately after supper, let you short-lived!

Go to bed immediately after supper, let you short-lived!

People like to eat supper, and they do not know that this lifestyle will not only make you fat, but also make you get urine stones.

  Young people often don’t take stone disease seriously, they often go to the hospital with pain when they are rolling on the ground, often delaying the best time for treatment.

  People like to eat supper, and go home to sleep immediately after eating the normal supper, and all the urine produced after the meal will stay in the urinary tract and cannot be excreted in time.

In this way, the urine calcium content in the urinary tract continues to increase, which will form urinary stones.

  However, the “night owls” who stay up late due to work needs often have “hunger and cold” in the early morning. It is very necessary to have a supper at this time to replenish energy.

How should I choose the type of supper?

How to eat it is good for the body?

  Cantonese dim sum should not be paired with tea drinks. Cantonese dim sum is a well-deserved leader in the supper camp. Many people always go to the teahouse to eat night tea, shrimp dumplings, siu mai, barbecued pork buns, chicken feet, sausage powder .For these foods, everyone should choose snacks suitable for themselves according to their own preferences and physical conditions.

Too sweet fillings can leave you with excess energy, and eating fried foods at night is not a good idea.

When you eat snacks, you have to pay attention to the choice of drinks. You should try to avoid drinking tea, including herbal tea, and drink more fruit juice and mineral water.

  Do not eat desserts on an empty stomach. In addition to snacks, the taste is smooth, the sweet soup and various dairy products are the favorite of many people who pay attention to the quality of life.

  However, eating desserts on an empty stomach can cause too much acid in the stomach and cause stomach upset.

It is best to come back for dessert after dinner or other supper, as this can reduce temporary accumulation and prevent sugar from quickly turning into the culprit of body damage.

  Congee is the first choice for healthy supper. The starch in porridge can fully combine with moisture, which provides heat energy, but also lacks a lot of water, and has a delicious taste, easy throat, easy to eat, and easy digestion.

  Fish porridge, pork liver porridge and beef porridge are usually the first choice for everyone.

In fact, it is also a good choice to eat Babao porridge. The main raw material of Babao porridge is cereals. Commonly used are rice, glutinous rice and barley, which are carefully cooked by adding red dates, beans, walnuts and other porridge.Yiqi, nourishing the good function of the body, often eat can refresh the heat, moisturize the lungs and asthma, it is good for regulating the stomach and reducing work stress.